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About Us

Our Story

More than a decade ago, David and Betsy Lawer fell in love with and purchased one of the most unique vineyards in Calistoga. The special characteristics of this Knight’s Valley vineyard inspired them to create one-of-a-kind, limited production wines that can be shared with total confidenceRead More

Betsy's Stories

Now in her seventies, Betsy Lawer looks back on a life she can only describe as blessed. It was never easy, but the people she was fortunate to meet and work with, the success the teams achieved, and her experiences have built a portfolio of life stories she now shares in her wine brands. Wine, after all, is meant to be poured with family and friends who have become like family as they share and write their own stories. Betsy’s first brand was Hooker, what other girl can say that both her father and her husband were Hookers – for respectively their Stanford and Duke rugby teams. She was raised on Rugby songs as her bedtime lullabies. The Duck Shack was where the family gathered each year to enjoy the beauty of Alaska, the million stars in the night sky, and to pass on the legacy of family stories – ones that seemed to grow as they were told each year. Betsy’s daughter, Sarah, wrote her college application essay titled “Family Values I Learned at the Duck Shack.” She got into every school.Read More

Our Winemakers

Cary Gott & Kelly DeIanni

Our winemaking team consists of Cary Gott and Kelly DeIanni who possess a rare blend of winemaking passion, bold creativity and exacting standards of excellence. They are as finely balanced as the Lawer Estates wines they make.
Cary Gott is the lead winemaker at Lawer Estates. Representing the fourth generation of his family in the California wine business, Cary has lifelong experience making ultra-premium wines and creating successful brands for over 40 years. Cary is also the founding principal of Vineyard & Winery Estates, where he assists wine brands in establishing Read More
Vineyard management crew on tractor

Our Vineyard Management

Piña Vineyard Management

Twenty years ago, John Piña drove his truck through wrought iron gates that were barely clinging to their wooden posts. Through his truck’s windshield he saw a vineyard sorely in need of maintenance—overgrown blackberry vines and poison oak covered the property. The soil beneath his tires was volcanic tufa, and puffs of dust swirled with every breeze.
Betsy Lawer always guessed John drew the “short straw” that day, having to meet some woman from Alaska who had just bought a vineyard and called to ask about vineyard maintenance. The vineyard was on his way home.Read More

Winery Dog


Lummi loves a good romp through the vineyard. Checking on the vines and chasing whatever wildlife is milling about that day. She’s always ready for a good belly scratch and a ready place to nap. She takes her winery dog title seriously by being sure that everyone is having fun visiting the vineyard.
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